Advanced Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, There's More To It...

I gathered here more in-depth information about third-party home moving insurance for you to better understand its in n' outs so you can make an educated decision.


Why Are You Not Recommending Moving Insurance Companies?
This is your decision to make and you need. Each third-party moving insurance company offers a different service and eventually, it is your decision to make as to what works best for you.


How Much Does a Third-Party Insurance Cost?
It depends on the type of insurance you choose. You can choose to insure a specific item or your whole move. Obviously, these will be priced differently.


I Have A Small Move, Is Third-Party Insurance Even Worth It?
The answer to this one is very simple. If you have any items that are important to you, you probably want to insure them. If you don't care much for damaged or missing items, than not.


Can I Purchase Third-Party Moving Insurance If I Move On My Own?


I Have Homeowners / Renters Insurance - My Move Is Covered?
Most times, no. Check with them first before your move takes place.


As a Moving Company, How Can I Use And Benefit From This Website?
By educating your clients. The more clients who gets third-party insurance, the less headaches, friction, problems, and dreaded 1-star reviews you will dealing with.
To do so, share the information here by linking directly to this site, emailing it to clients, and even texting.

  • Very easy to link to, here you go:
  • It's unbiased nor associated with your company or anyone other company
  • It covers in a clear and simple way all the pros and cons of third-party moving insurance


Would It Be a Horrible Idea If I Will Copy / Paste this Content To My Site?
No. Go ahead, do so. Would you think I am unfair to ask a link back to this site as the source of your new and great content so your clients can learn even more about it?

What I am saying is that, this site could save you a lot of money, aggravation, and lost of business in return of a link.

Does that sound fair?


As One Who's About To Move, How Can I Use And Benefit From This Website?
By educating yourself first. It is totally fine should you choose not to get a third-party insurance and relay on the basic one. Now, you know the consequences and can attend to them as a responsible adult.