What And Who KnowMovingInsurance.com is?

And How Can I Contact You?

I created KnowMovingInsurance.com after serving the moving industry for over 11 years, specializing in negotiating and problem solving of damage claims. From minor issues, to working on reaching respectful and mutual fair agreements and avoid lawsuits, unnecessary negativity, and aggravation.

I have seen an endless amount of clients who feel "betrayed" and treated "unfairly" while the harsh reality is such where they chose to not insure their belongings and agreed to a lower rate.

Have questions? Feel free to email me at hi@knowmovinginsurance.com.


Can I Share And / Or Copy Your Text To My Website?
Yes, you can. I have invested my own time and money for this site to be helpful for both moving companies and their clients. Would it be fair to ask you for to link back to this site if you copy my content?

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What Is The Purpose Of KnowMovingInsurance.com?
Well, it has 2 purposes:

  1. First, KnowMovingInsurance.com's sole purpose is to help clients, like you, to protect their personal belongings by educating and helping them avoid such unfortunate situations. It functions as an explanation and clarification tool for those who are about to move and educate them about their rights and the best way to protect their belongings to avoid unnecessary loss in material and prepare for emotional stress.
  2. The second, believe it or not... to protect your feelings. Yes, that's a "thing" and it's a very big "thing" when it comes to moving all your life (aka items) from one point to another.

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KnowMovingInsurance.com is an independent entity and is not associated, affiliated, partnered, sponsored, nor paid by any moving nor insurance company.